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Social Media

Kickstart your bespoke social media account with one-on-one brand consultation, content planning, content creation, data analytics monitoring, social media advertising plans alongside account management and training. With this plan, you can ensure your account is kept current and engaging. You will also be equipped with the necessary skills, which will allow you to manage your account according to the plan.

We provide:

  • A 1-hour consultation, where you tell our social media experts about your brand history, company goals and achievements. We then provide you with advice on where to take the brand

  • An official launch of your account to the beauty community on Instagram to build the right follower base and online community

  • A campaign brief for your shoot. If you don’t already have the images or video content that you’d like for your social media, we can create it for you. We will direct your shoot, capturing content that will drive sales and build a community around your brand and products

  • Content creation, plan and direction of photoshoot to prepare strong and engaging content for your brand to post

  • The best models, videographers, photographers to work with your brand to build the visual

  • content for your Instagram e-commerce store, TikTok and standard posts

  • 40 pieces of content created (flyers and videos) for your social media platform.

  • 1-week account management by one of our social media experts, who will run your account, and manage all posts

  • 2-3 uploads a day posted across any 3 platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

  • An hour long training session across social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and

  • Twitter, which will equip you to manage your accounts following the launch should you choose to

  • Additional content for you to use across your social media after your 1-week account management trial.

  • Paid advertising and promotional tracking, alongside handy tips on how to expand your reach.

Social Media Launch

Month-to-month management of social media accounts creating content, captions, and engaging on the DMs to grow your account. We will connect with your clients and build your community in order to drive sales through Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. You choose the platform that best suits your business.

We provide:

  • 20 original pieces of content (flyers) for your social media platform

  • Sourced content to post, that is relatable to the brand

  • A weekly/monthly social media plan, with the above content.

  • 1-month of social media management. Have your account managed by one of our social media experts for 30 days. This includes 2-3 uploads a day across 3 platforms of your choice Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

  • Growth of your social media account followers, we build a community and increase your accounts engagement

  • Sales which are driven from social media content and link it back to the website.

  • Promotion and social media paid advert tipsA monthly report of your brands engagement and analytics

Social Media Management

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