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Revolt PR includes services in celebrity outreaches, traditional PR, social media, and product gifting. We are experts in navigating relationships between brands and influencers.

Our strengths also include brand credibility via featured interviews and product placements in some of the

world’s leading publications.


Creating a brand identity includes your logo, font and the general look or feel of your business and is crucial in separating you from your competitors. With our branding services, we spend time getting to know the founder of the business, so we can tell their brand story in the best way. Revolt does everything from starting your new business journey with you and launching your logo, to rebranding an existing business that needs a face lift or requires a brand refresh. We work with you to ensure that your vision is

shared across the board, so that clients can easily find you and differentiate you from the possibly saturated industry you may be in. Your branding sets you apart and we are here to help design this. We have worked with hundreds of brands over the years, from hair salons to restaurants and even some of the world’s leading banks, to design and rebrand their iconic logos.

Digital Marketing

We do all things social media, from building your account organically, which drives sales and client enquiries to product endorsements with influencers, who we work closely with. We create social media content, assist with campaign ideas and manage your social media adverts.


Building a business is not just about your product or your brand, it’s also about the founder. In today’s age, customers want to know who the founder is and their story. The best way to get press for your business is to do PR on your founder.

We have found that the best way to do this is by having strong brand images, which can be requested at any time from press or public relation agencies. We work closely with founders on their personal brand portfolio starting with images of themselves with their products. We do this by organising a full day photoshoot, which includes hair and makeup, styling and of course your images that will last to tell your brand story for years to come.


Improve your customer engagement, have a brand you’re proud of and a beautiful website allowing you to sell your product or service. Online is the new high street, and your website is the new shop window. Your new website will stock your products, take bookings of your services and even feature online courses...

Our Services

Brands we've worked with

We’re proud to have been involved in working with some of the key players in the industry, from inception on some projects to design, web design


Copywriting is much more than words strung together in a sentence to inform what your product, service, brand or business is about. Copywriting is selling. Effective copywriting creates a lasting impact on your audience, eventually driving them to engage in the action you want them to.

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